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Kidney disease and hypertension, which one is earlier

Kidney disease and hypertension, which one is earlier

For this question, we can figure it out sometimes, but sometimes, we cannot.

For hypertensive nephropathy, it is kidney disease first, and then, causes high blood pressure. And for kidney disease with high blood pressure, it means high blood pressure first and then leads to kidney disease. Nephritic high blood pressure is a secondary high blood pressure, and caused by renal parachymal changes and renal blood vessel disorder. If primary high blood pressure out of control and there will be about 40% people suffer from protein urine. Protein urine in high blood pressure means hypertension related kidney damage. Even high blood pressure causes not so serious kidney damage, but, it will lead to other complications. Only suffer from high blood pressure can hardly lead to severe kidney damage or physical condition reduction, because it can be controlled with medicine. But, when it causes severe complications, it will result in hard issue.

What should we do?

Treatment is necessary, especially medical treatment. However, prevention still remains the best cure of all.

Regular physical examination can help diagnose high blood pressure, high blood sugar and other complications. Diagnose early can maximize treatment effect and avoid further damage. And, diagnose early will remain more choice.

When in later stage, or in advanced stage, your blood pressure will sheering and can hardly be controlled as we as in early stage.

Meanwhile, combined with high blood pressure, kidney disease will develop very fast.

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