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Medicated Bath for Kidney Disease

Medicated Bath for Kidney Disease
Patient: Hi. I read your articles about medicated bath. What is it? Can you tell me more?
Doctor: I think you must be feeling unbelievable that taking a bath can bring you so many benefits. Right?
P: Right. I see the picture you show me. It is a little different from the common bath taking. The water you use is black.
P: What are put in the bathtub?
D: It is the diluted medicinal soup. After having a clear diagnosis of your condition, we will prescribe you some herbs and then boil them into medicinal soup. When you receive treatment, the medicinal soup will be diluted and filled into bathtub.
P: Can you post those herbs to me?
D: No, I can not. Different kidney patients have different medical condition, so the prescriptions vary from one to one.
P: I can send my test report to you. And then you can analyze it and give me suggestions on the prescription.
D: In Chinese medicine, there are four ways of diagnosis: observation, listening, interrogation and pulse-taking. Without seeing the patient, I can not make a clear diagnosis.
P: So I have to come to your hospital for treatment?
D: Yes, you have to.
P: How does medicated bath treat kidney disease?
D: During the process of medicated bath, your skin pores open due to the high temperature. And then wastes in your body can be passed out of body with sweat. Active ingredients of medicine can also go into your body to help you improve your medical condition.
P: OK. What effect can I get after medicated bath?
D: After medicated bath, you will get an immediate relief from skin itching. It can also help you increase your urine output, reduce weight stably, increase your resistance, alleviate joint pain, improve sleeping quality, increase appetite, warm hands and feet, ease swelling, etc.
P: It is great. Is it used single or with other therapies?
D: It is often used as an adjuvant treatment in our hospital. To make the effect better, you can use it together with Foot Bath, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, oral Chinese medicine, Mai Kang Mixture, etc.
P: Does it bring any side effects to me?
D: The herbs are almost natural. If you use it under the instruction of our doctors, it hardly brings you any side effects.
P: How much does medicated bath cost? And how long should I stay in your hospital?
D: It depends on your medical condition, such as severity of kidney damage and complications. Generally speaking, you need to stay in hospital for one month, and then you can take medicine home. 7 days’ treatment is a small course, and 49 days’ treatment is a big course.
P: Got it. Thank you, doctor.
D: You are welcome.

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