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Steam Therapy for Kidney Disease

Steam Therapy for Kidney Disease
Patient: Hello doctor. It seems that your Steam Therapy is a little like sauna. 
Doctor: Yes, they are similar. But sauna can not help you improve kidney function, while steam therapy can do it for you. 
P: How does it work?
D: I think you have seen the bed for steam therapy. Actually it is a kind of full-automatic steam machine. Before you begin the treatment, our medical workers will pour medicinal soup under the bed. And the medical soup is prescribed according to your medical condition. When you begin the treatment, lie on the bed. During treatment, your skin pores will open due to the warming function so that the active ingredients of herbs can go into your body via your skin, and waste products in body can also be passed out of body with sweat. This therapy can expel evil qi from channels and recover the normal function of main and collateral channels so as to help kidneys heal. 
P: What is the treatment effect of steam therapy?
D: Your cold limbs and hands will become warm. You will have sweat. Ammoniacal odor in mouth will be relieved. Urination at night will reduce. Urine will become smelly due to the increased waste output. Bubbles in urine will decrease. Floccules will appear in urine. Kidney function will improve. Anemia will be corrected. Blood pressure will be stabilized. 
P: That is really amazing. 
D: Yes. This is just one of our Chinese medicine treatment. To make the effect more obvious after a short period of treatment, we usually combine it with other therapies such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Bath, Foot Bath, Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Navel Therapy, Mai Kang Mixture and oral Chinese medicine. 
P: I want to receive your treatment. How much does your treatment cost? 
D: Different kidney patients have different medical conditions, so their cost varies from one to one. Now you can send your medical test report to us. We can help you analyze it. After that, we will give you a general cost. 
P: I will send it to you immediately. 
D: OK, i will check it later. 
P: Thank you. 
D: You are welcome. 

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