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Acupuncture for Kidney Disease

Acupuncture for Kidney Disease
Patient: I know acupuncture. Is it really good for kidney disease
Doctor: Yes, it is good. We have applied acupuncture into kidney disease treatment for many years. Renal patients really benefit a lot from it. 
P: I have seen acupuncture, but never experienced it. Is it painful?
D: No, it is not painful at all. It is to insert long thin needles into certain acupoints of your body, but you can hardly feel them. When you receive treatment, just lie on bed and listen to what doctors tell you to do. 
P: Can you tell me more information about its effect on kidney disease?
D: Of course. You can combine acupuncture with moxibustion to stimulate Yu point, which can help promote qi and blood flow and adjust Yin and Yang of your body. This can aid in alleviating pains such as back pain, headache, joint pain, etc. You can also stimulate your shenshu point, which can promote urine output, reduce red blood cells and white blood cells in urine, lower high blood pressure and ease swelling. Besides, you can stimulate fuliu point and zhishi point of kidney channel and bladder meridian, and then observe the changes of creatinine level and urine volume. You will find that secretion of creatinine and urine output increase. 
P: That is really good. There are a lot of acupuncturists in the local. I will look for one. 
D: OK. But I have to remind you that acupuncture is an adjuvant treatment. Simply acupuncture can not help you achieve the above goals in a short time. To make the effect obvious, you had better combine it with other Chinese medicine therapies, such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Bath, Foot Bath, Navel Therapy, Moxibustion, oral Chinese medicine, Mai Kang Mixture, etc. 
P: Where can I get those therapies?
D: So far they are only available in China. 
P: It is really far. How much do they cost?
D: It depends on the severity of your kidney disease. Now you can send your medical test report copy to me. I will help you analyze it and then give you a general cost. 
P: Thank you, doctor. I will send you later. 
D: You are welcome. 

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