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What Size Should A Kidney Cyst Be to Have It Removed

What Size Should A Kidney Cyst Be to Have It Removed
Simply kidney cyst is a common problem for the elderly. What size should a kidney cyst be to have it removed? If you are interested in this question, go on reading.

Generally speaking, if you do not have any symptoms, or it does not affect kidney function or other tissues around, it is necessary for you to receive treatment, but you should do checkups regularly to see whether they keep growing or not. If you have back pain or abnormal urination caused by renal cysts, and the renal cyst is over 5 cm, you should take treatment to shrink it.

Conventional treatment for kidney cyst is to do surgery, but it may cause infections and the cysts may relapse easily. If your cyst is inside kidney, surgery can not help you any more. Here we recommend you a conservative treatment. It is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy.

This is an external therapy, which can help penetrate the micronized herbs into kidneys directly, so it usually takes effect quickly. It can restrain the activity of renal tubular epithelial cells and lining cells to stop the growth of renal cysts. It can also increase the permeability of cyst wall and pressure difference inside and outside so that fluid can be drawn out, and then your renal cysts will shrink. After about one week’s treatment, your back pain will disappear. After about half month’s treatment, blood urine, high blood pressure, proteinuria and so on will be relieved. After about one month’s treatment, your renal function will increase gradually, and renal cysts will be smaller than before. To reinforce the effect, you need to keep on treatment for a period of time.

What size should a kidney cyst be to have it removed? Now you have a clear mind. What is the size of your kidney cyst now? You can tell our online doctor, who can help you analyze your condition and give you personalized guidance on treatment.

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