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Can Kidney Cysts Lead to Blood in Urine

Can Kidney Cysts Lead to Blood in Urine

Question: Doctor, I was diagnosed with kidney cysts, but urine test shows blood in urine positive. What should I do?

Answer: Commonly, kidney cysts patients often suffer from kidney stone which is likely to lead to blood in urine. So, we suggest you to ask your doctor or call back to the facility makes physical examination for detailed information, such as weather there is stone in kidneys, is there any other diseases, such as nephritic syndrome, FSGS, or other diseases can lead to blood in urine. Or, is there any cysts break and lead infection in renal.

Question: What does nausea mean in kidney failiure? Does it mean ESRD?

Answer: Nausea in kidney failure only means that there are some diseases in your digestion system. Treatment is needed. For ESRD, End Stage Renal Disease is the final stage of chronic kidney disease, and it can not be diagnosed with particular symptoms. Specific diagnosis is required. You can do a physical examination, blood test, biopsy (if necessary) to ensure.

Question: What about the success rate of cure PKD?

Answer: Unfortunately, till now, there is no cure for PKD. Even kidney transplant has a possibility of developing cysts into healthy kidney. If you happen to know a treatment, or a therapy that claimed it can cure PKD, do not hesitate, they lie to you. What modern treatment can do is to improve kidney condition, shrink kidney cysts, eliminate creatinine and other metabolism to avoid further damage and slow down the progression of chronic kidney disease.

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