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Nephroti Scyndrome

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Nephritic Syndrome and Nephritis, Which One Is Severe

Nephritic Syndrome and Nephritis
There are a lot of people do not know the difference between nephritic syndrome and nephritis. What’s it? What should we do to achieve that?

Nephritic syndrome is not a disease, it is a serious of kidney disease. It is caused by various reasons which lead to gloerulers filtreation rate increase and then, lead to leakage of blood and protein. Meanwhile, nephritis is not a isolated disease, it is also a combination of disease that shown as blood in urine, with or without protein urine, edema, high blood pressure and other kidney diseases. So, we can see that there are so many branches in both nephritis and nephritic syndrome. If you are just diagnosed as nephritic syndrome, it means, you have to know that which specific disease do you suffer from. There are five common nephritic syndrome for you to reference:

Minimal changes nephritis;

Mesangial proliferative nephritis


Membranous nephritis

Mesangial capillary nephritis

They have different causes, mechanism, course of disease, and treatment effect. What’s more, nephritic syndrome and nephritis will prognosis and sometimes cross over each other. This means only make a specific diagnose can treatment be applied and also, can treatment effect be maximized.

Which one is severe?

Some patients believe that nephritic syndrome is severe than nephritis because of pleural effusion, hard in breath. However, truth is not that way.

FSGS and Membranous nephritis do not have early symptoms, no protein urine, no edema. This makes patents develop into kidney failure stage without any symptoms.

So, it is not look like they were severe or not, but medical diagnosis tell the truth.

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