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It is a common sense that kidney disease patients ne

Watermelon is enjoyed by most of people due to its delicious taste and nutrients, especially in hot days. It can help quench and relieve summer-heat. However, for patients with Nephrotic Syndrome, is the fruit safe to eat?

It is a common sense that kidney disease patients need to develop a kidney-friendly dietary plan. Different from healthy people, nephrotic syndrome patients need to choose available food according to patients’ illness conditions. What’s more, whether patients can eat watermelon or not also depends on patients’ specific illness conditions.
The nutrients of watermelon
It is well known that watermelon contains a large number of glucose, malic acid, fructose, protein amino acid, vitamin C and other substances. To be frank, it is a kind of fruit which is nutrient, pure and safe. Besides, the fruit also contains rich water that can help relive thirst. The sugar and sodium content from watermelon have diuretic effect and help to remit inflammation of the kidneys. What’s more, it is reported that a certain substance included in watermelon also has the function to lower high blood pressure. And it contains a large amount of vitamin C which also can help strengthen immune system.
However, although it has so many benefits, it seems that not all nephrotic syndrome patients can eat watermelon freely. Why?
For patients with nephrotic syndrome, their kidneys have been damaged more or less. Due to kidney damage, some symptoms like swelling are more likely to attack patients. In the condition, patients should keep away from the fruit. Because too much fluid intake will worsen swelling and cause further damage. In addition, if patients have diabetes, they should also avoid or at least limit intake of sugar. And if patients have high potassium level, they also need to avoid eating watermelon.

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