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Dialysis Patients Have High Creatinine: What’s the Problem

Dialysis Patients Have High Creatinine: What’s the Problem

Dialysis is a way to lower high creatinine level, but for some dialysis patients, they still have high creatinine. What is the problem? Read on to learn more information.

First of all, dialysis can not normalize creatinine level.

Dialysis is a way to cleanse waste products and extra fluid from body, so after dialysis, creatinine level will be reduced. But if a large amount of wastes are cleared out, you may have dialysis disequilibrium syndrome, manifested by headache, vomiting, nausea, weakness and some other discomforts. Therefore, it is not advised to normalize creatinine level during dialysis, but to lower it to a certain range.

During two dialysis interval, creatinine level increases.

Dialysis is just a kidney replacement treatment. It can not repair kidney damage and restore renal function. During two dialysis sessions, waste products including creatinine build up in the blood, so creatinine level will increase again. Besides, with dialysis going on, your residual renal function will be lost, and then creatinine level will be higher.

How to stabilize creatinine level for dialysis patients?

If you still have urine output, and kidneys are not severely shrunk, it is possible for you to restore a portion of renal function and reduce dialysis. In kidney disease hospital China, Toxin-Removing Treatment is often used. This is a systemic treatment, which includes plasma exchange, oral Chinese medicine, external therapies, ozone therapy, negative oxygen ion infusion therapy, nutrient and vitamin supplement, etc. Those therapies can work together to eliminate waste products and extra fluid from body via urine, sweat and bowel movement. They can also reduce renal inflammation and control the disease from getting worse so as to protect residual renal function. Moreover, they can improve blood circulation and increase blood flow into kidneys so that enough essential elements can be transported into nidus to speed up kidney recovery.

After about one week’s treatment, you will see floccules in urine, which are those wastes being passed out.

After about half month’s treatment, your high creatinine level will be reduced by at least 10%.

After about one month’s treatment,your disease will be under control, and renal function will get improved.

Now you know the answer why dialysis patients still have high creatinine level. If you still have any other questions on kidney failure treatment, please consult a physician.

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