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Hypertensive Nephropathy

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Is it sure for hypertensive nephropathy develop into uremia

Is it sure for hypertensive nephropathy develop into uremia

Question: Is it sure for hypertensive nephropathy develop into end stage renal disease uremia?

Answer: No, it isn’t. If patients can control it properly, it hardly develops into end stage renal disease. When we suffer from chronic kidney disease, especially combined with diabetes or hypertension, we have control our diet and apply treatment as early as possible. Only in this way can we living in better life and skow down its progression.

Q: How to avoid dialysis in kidney failure stage?

A: To avoid dialysis in kidney failure stage, we have to find a treatment that can help control ceatinine level, avoid complications, release symptoms and improve kidney function. Then, what should we do is to follow doctor’s direction and insist the treatment. Do not change or stop medicine without permission. You may think it is common, because you often do that in cold, stomach and other diseases, but, remember, this is chronic kidney disease, once you develop into kidney failure stage, it means your kidney function is less than 30%. Once you stop medicine without permission, it often means the treatment you have do is in vain.

Q: Can I reduce creatinine level through diet?

A: No, it’s impossible. There is no way to reduce ceatinine level through changing diet. If yes, no matter who tell you, he lies to you, I am sure. There are some patients heard that if you do not take this or that kind of food, your creatinine level will not increase into such high level, and then, they believe they can reduce it through diet too. Well, if possible, why there are so many people develop into kidney failure stage? If possible, why there are so many kidney failure patients in developed country? The most effective treatments all start with facing the reality and cooperate with doctors.

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