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Traditional Chinese Medicine Cure My Edema within Fifteen Days

Traditional Chinese Medicine Cure My Edema within Fifteen Days
I am a patient from Pakistan, 31 years old. I have suffered from Diabetic Nephropathy with polydipsia, polyuria, and polyphagia for almost 10 years. Until recently, about three months ago, I found my serum creatinine elevated to 3mg/dL which is very high. What is worse, my lower extremities started to show serious edema and look fat, which made me can not walk. My doctor told me that I would do dialysis soon to avoid further damage and remain as much kidney function as they can. Fortunately, through Internet search, I found out this Kidney Disease Hospital in China.

I never expected that just in 15 days of treatment my edema can disappear.

When I came to the hospital in China, doctor firstly checked up me, which showed blood pressure 140/90, hemoglobin 119, protein +, occult blood +-, urea acid 580. Considering my illness condition, doctor arranged Chinese medicine treatments which include Toxin-Removing Treatment, Hot Compress Therapy, Foot Bath Therapy, Medicated Bath, etc for me.

Through 15 days treatment, my edema disappeared radically. Reexamination showed blood pressure 120/80, protein in urine turned into normal, occult blood -, and urea acid 354. More satisfied is that, my urine volume increased to 1500 from 700.

Sharing my story is mainly to tell the diabetic patients like me, must not give up the hope of treatment.

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