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What Is The Meaning Of Foamy Urine

What’s the meaning of foamy urineWe often hear about that foamy urine means kidney disease, and the foam has a positive correlation with severity of kidney diseases. Is that true? Can I self diagnose my kidney condition with this method?

I hope you not. This method is not so correct and can be affected by many other elements. When you intake too much protein, or too much meat, foamy urine may occur; when you intake protein supplement, protein may occur, and even when you lack of water intake, foamy urine still can occur. We can see that the way to judge protein urine with foamy urine is not correct. If you suffer from kidney disease, and, you are diagnosed with protein urine, you will find that when you intake much water, there will be no foamy urine. Thus, we do not suggest it to anyone to do self diagnose. This does not mean that foamy urine is useless. It is useful only when you suffer from foamy urine for a long period and within which time you do everything normal. Then, you have to make sure you suffer from kidney disease or not through further medical examination.

If you do not have foamy urine, but you are diagnosed with protein urine, do not worry, diagnose is correct just for there is a kind of protein urine called as microscopic protein urine which hardly cause foamy urine.

If you are healthy, never diagnosed with diabetes, hypertension, and kidney disease, when you experience a long term foamy urine, further diagnosis such as urine analysis, 24 hour protein urine quality examination is suggested to ensure your health.

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