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Kidney Patients Should Avoid These Bad Foods

 Kidney Patients Should Avoid These Bad Foods
Improper diet will damage your kidneys. Kidney patients should be careful about their food. The following foods are not good. Kidney patients should avoid these bad foods.

1. Seafood and beer

Seafood and beer is an unhealthy eating habit. Seafoods include fish, shrimp and shellfish, etc which contain high level of purine. Beer contains Vitamin B1. Vitamin B1 is catalyst which can break down and metabolize purine. Purine after metabolism will produce lots of uric acid. This will cause increase and disorder of uric acid level. Lots of uric acid accumulation in your body will lead to hyperuricemia and gout to workload your kidneys and cause kidney damage.

2. Fried chicken and beverages

Fried chicken contains lots of phosphorus, salt and fat. Beverages contain lots of sugar. Long time of consumption of sugar can lead to high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia and diabetes. Meanwhile, phosphorus, salt, fat and suagr should be excreted by kidneys. If you have kidney problem, your kidney damage will be worsened when eating fried chicken and beverages.

3. Strong tea after drinking

Strong tea contains abundant theophylline which has the function of diuretics. If you drink strong tea after drinking, ethanol will come to your kidneys. Ethanol is a bad substance which has strong stimulus. Kidneys have no alexipharmic function. Drinking strong tea will affect your kidney function.

Kidney patients should follow a low salt, low but high quality protein, low potassium and low phosphorus diet. Of course, different patient has different condition. Diet also is different. If you want to know your specific diet, you can leave a message below or consult our online doctor directly. We will give you a proper diet plan based on your illness condition.

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