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These 6 Kinds of Kidney Patients Get Relapse Easily

These 6 Kinds of Kidney Patients Get Relapse Easily

It is not difficult for most kidney patients to reach the state of clinical cure, that is, key indicators such as urinary protein, serum creatinine and blood pressure are maintained in a safe and stable state without affecting renal function. After 2 - 5 years of urinary protein turning negative, it can be said to be completely cured.

However, some patients will have relapse after a short period of clinical cure, and proteinuria increases again.

Clinically, these patients are prone to relapse:

1. Kidney patients who are very thin.

2. Kidney patients who lack proper exercise.

3. Kidney patients who like smoking.

4. Kidney patients who are using high doses of hormones and immunosuppressants.

5. Kidney patients with nephrotic syndrome.

6. Older kidney patients.

These kidney patients have a common feature: poor resistance, or low immunity.

Low immunity leads to infection (such as colds) easily, which not only increases urinary protein, but also aggravates kidney damage. Some patients recover after treatment, while others develop kidney damage and even increased serum creatinine to uremic levels after infection.

It is unrealistic to improve immunity through drugs. Drugs can improve immunity in the short term to acquire temporary disease resistance, but chronic diseases need long-term consideration. Vaccines and dietary life are the right direction to improve long-term immunity.

Kidney patients can improve their resistance ability and reduce colds and infections mainly from these four aspects:

1. Diet

It is better to follow a kidney-friendly diet. High salt and high fat foods should be avoided. Protein should choose high quality protein, such as poultry without skin, fish, egg white and milk. Eat less red meat. If your kidney function has been impaired, foods high in potassium, phosphorus and purine should be reduced.

2. Keep clean

Do not eat foods that are not clean. And keep your skin clean.

3. Exercises

Exercises can strengthen physical condition and boost immunity. Kidney patients can choose brisk waking, jogging, swimming, cycling, tai chi and some other gentle exercises.

4. Vaccine

Influenza vaccination is recommended for all adults with chronic kidney disease unless contraindicated.

If you are among the six kinds of kidney patients who get relapse easily, you should pay attention to improve immunity. For more information on kidney disease treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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