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Two Turning Points of Kidney Disease

Two Turning Points of Kidney Disease
Kidney patients are familiar with chronic kidney disease (CKD) stages, and in different stages, there are different corresponding symptoms. The more advanced the disease, the more uncontrollable the condition.

We divide chronic renal failure (CRF) into four phases:

CRF stage 1 (renal functional compensatory stage): serum creatinine 133-177 umoI/L;

CRF stage 2 (renal decompensation stage): serum creatinine 178-442

CRF stage 3 (renal failure stage) : serum creatinine 443-707

CRF stage 4 (uremia stage): serum creatinine > 707

Among them, CRF stage 2(renal decompensation stage) is divided into early stage and late stage, and serum creatinine 265 umoI/L is the turning point. Early stage of CRF stage 2: serum creatinine 178-265 umol/L; Late stage of CRF stage 2: serum creatinine 266-442 umol/L.

We divided chronic kidney disease (CKD) into 5 stages:

CKD stage 1: glomerular filtration rate (GFR) >= 90ml/min

CKD stage 2: GFR 60-89ml/min

CKD stage 3: GFR 30-59ml/min

CKD stage 4: GFR 15-29ml/min

CKD stage 5: GFR<=14ml/min

GFR 30 is the second turning point.

In other words, the two most dangerous turning points for kidney disease are when the serum creatinine reaches 265 umol/L, or eGFR reaches 30ml/min. Once these two points are crossed, the rate of further decline in renal function increases precipitously, and the disease progresses faster until it reaches the uremia stage, which must be treated by dialysis or renal transplantation.

Therefore, we can control or reverse chronic renal insufficiency before it is found in the early and middle stage, and we attach great importance to the formal scientific treatment and management. If chronic renal insufficiency has really crossed that super turning points, treatment will be very passive, and often not very effective, so uremia is coming sooner or later.

How to delay the progression of kidney disease to the maximum?

1. Main treatment measures - treatment of proteinuria, and control of hypertension

Blood pressure should be kept at 140/90 MMHG, preferably 130/80 MMHG. And kidney patients should have their blood pressure taken regularly, especially in winter, when it can easily rise.

As long as the urinary protein can be maintained within 0.5g, excessive pursuit of low levels of urinary protein is totally unnecessary.

2. Prevent dangerous complications, actively prevent and treat them

Pay attention to the prevention and treatment of complications. On one hand, it can reduce life risk, and on the other hand, it can prevent kidney function worsening. In general, complications such as anemia, malnutrition, metabolic acidosis, and calcium and phosphorus disorders gradually begin to appear after stage 3. For example, patients with anemia can be given a synthetic version of erythropoietin plus some iron tablets.

3. Avoid drug abuse

Besides essential medication, do not use other drugs without the instructions of doctors.

4. Diet adjustment

We follow the following principles: soft food is recommended, and avoid hard food and fried food; light food is recommended, and avoid spicy stimulating food; High quality protein; Get enough calories; Limit salt intake.

5. Avoid fatigue and infection

Avoiding overwork do not mean staying in bed, so you can participate in some light work, pay attention to the combination of work and rest, avoid staying up late. Kidney patients should do some appropriate exercise based on their own conditions to strengthen physical condition and prevent infection.

6. Prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases

Change bad habits in your life, and control high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, and high blood sugar.

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