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4 Ways to Help You Prevent Relapse of Kidney Disease

4 Ways to Help You Prevent Relapse of Kidney Disease
"Doctor, why does my kidney disease keep recurring, even though I was on my medication?"

“Doctor, why this indicator can not be lowered? What is the matter?”

A lot of renal patients have the similar questions.

Today I summarize 4 points. You can take a look whether you have done them or not.

1. To treat cold and infection correctly

Statistics show that colds are the main cause. Kidney patients' blood protein is largely lost from urine, and the lost substances include the important components that make up our immune defense, such as immunoglobulin, complement, etc. Meanwhile, the function of white blood cells in the body decreases and trace elements such as zinc are also lost. All of these severely weaken the body's ability to resist external pathogenic factors.

Be aware of wearing a mask when going out. Stick to inject a cold vaccine every year, strengthen physical exercise at ordinary times, have balanced nutrition and reasonable diet. Malnutrition will increase the risk of infection.

2. To have reasonable diet

Kidney disease diet should adhere to five principles: low salt, low phosphorus, low potassium, low protein, and high fiber. Kidney patients need to adjust their diet according to their physical conditions.

Be sure to limit your salt intake to no more than 6 grams per day. Use low-sodium salt. However, patients with normal renal function can use low-sodium salt. If they have abnormal renal function and high blood potassium, low-sodium salt should be avoided.

3. To do exercises regularly

You may be given such an advice: have a good rest, and do not be tired. That is why many patients give up all activities and just stay at home or even bed for all the time. Such a lifestyle has more disadvantages than advantages.

It is suggested to choose the right exercise according to your condition.

4. Do not stay up, and keep positive attitude

Lack of sleep can lead to a rapid decline in kidney function and a significant increase in the risk of proteinuria. And the kidney damage caused by staying up late is irreparable.

In addition, it is necessary to keep a good mentality, a relaxed spirit, and actively cooperate with the treatment of doctors, and take medicine on time.

Hope you can follow the above 4 points in the daily, which can help reduce the relapse of kidney disease greatly.

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