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Why Kidney Disease Is Long-Lasting

Why Kidney Disease Is Long-Lasting
For many kidney patients, after years of treatment, but their disease keeps relapsing, or even worsens into kidney failure. Why kidney disease is long-lasting? There are four points.

1. It is hard to stop the deterioration progression.

(1) The nature of kidney disease is that the intrinsic cells are damaged. It is not easy to repair damaged cells.

(2) Any type of kidney disease causes fibrosis, and blocking the progression of fibrosis is a challenge.

(3) Kidney disease is bound to cause blood pollution, and once blood pollution occurs, it is more difficult to treat.

2. The vicious circle cannot be broken for a while.

In traditional Chinese medicine, "qi stagnation causes blood stasis, blood stasis causes poison, and poison causes qi stagnation". Such a vicious cycle, is also the main cause of long-lasting chronic kidney disease. If we can not break it, kidney disease can only be treated repeated.

3. The existing treatment is backward.

Current treatments are conventional treatments that have been used for decades. Even though they have proved impossible to cure kidney disease, they are still commonly used. Their clinical treatment may be effective, but once being discharged from hospital, the disease gets relapse. And many hospitals do not innovate, explore or research, and pay little attention to new treatments, which is also one of the reasons for the long-term treatment of kidney diseases.

4. More unhealthy lifestyles

Today's kidney disease is more difficult to treat due to the stress of work, environmental pollution, staying up late and drinking, physical inactivity and so on. In some a case, no matter traditional Chinese medicine or western medicine treatment, they are difficult to take effect. That is why kidney disease is long-lasting.

Only by finding a unique and effective treatment and drug can we break the cycle of long-lasting kidney disease.

In Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. A variety of detoxifying drugs in western medicine, combined with traditional Chinese medicine such as steam therapy, hot compress, medicated bath and moxibustion to dredge the meridians, activate blood and remove blood stasis.

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