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What Can Kidney Patients Do to Avoid Developing Uremia

What Can Kidney Patients Do to Avoid Developing Uremia
The trend of kidney disease in young age is intensifying. What can kidney patients do to avoid developing uremia? Read on to learn more information.

1. To avoid frequent infections

Infections don't directly cause kidney disease, but when kidney function is damaged, the kidney gets immune inflammatory response, and repeated infections can exacerbate kidney inflammation, further worsening kidney function and increasing the risk of kidney failure. To avoid infection, you should first adhere to a reasonable diet and supplement adequate nutrition, which helps to improve the immune system. Second, appropriate exercises can also maintain the body resistance. In the daily, prevent catching a cold and other infections. If necessary, vaccines can be injected. Do not be panic if you get an infection. It is important to eliminate the focus in time.

2. To stick to the diet principle of “Five Low and One High”

Patients in different stages or with different symptoms have different diet requirements. In the early stage of kidney disease, most patients will be accompanied by proteinuria and edema. The intake of protein and sodium should be strictly limited. For patients with severe edema and proteinuria, daily salt intake should be no more than 3g, and proteinuria intake should be controlled into 1g/kg. In the middle stage of nephropathy, patients develop renal insufficiency, and their functions of regulating water and electrolytes also decline. In addition to low salt and low protein, they should adhere to the dietary principles of low-potassium diet, low-fat diet and low-purine diet. In addition, the intake of dietary fiber helps to protect the kidney. High-fiber foods include coarse grains, vegetables and fruits. Appropriately increasing these foods and reducing the consumption of meat will help to reduce the burden of kidneys.

3. To have positive emotion

Many patients with early kidney disease can always maintain a positive attitude and receive treatment actively, but when the disease progresses and worsens, most people begin to panic, lose their head and have mental stress. I understand this feeling very much, but I still advise patients not to be too stressed psychologically, because the pressure will also aggravate proteinuria, blood pressure and other indicators, which is not conducive to the treatment of the condition.

What can kidney patients do to avoid uremia? Besides the above three factors, you should pay attention to medical treatment. For more information on kidney failure treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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