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To Reduce Proteinuria, You Should Do 3 Things Right Besides Medication

To Reduce Proteinuria, You Should Do 3 Things Right Besides Medication
As a typical symptom of early chronic kidney disease, proteinuria is one of the factors that accelerate renal failure. That is why many renal patients look for specific medicine to reduce proteinuria, but medication is not the only treatment method.

For the treatment of proteinuria, in addition to taking the medicine on time and according to the quantity, do these several things. The effect will be better:

Exercise properly, control your weight and avoid obesity

Many people believe that they do not need to exercise when they are sick, which is a big mistake. Obesity will cause metabolic disorders in the body, easy to cause hypertension, high blood lipids, virtually increase the burden of the kidneys, resulting in more protein leakage. Therefore, no matter in early stage or late stage of kidney disease, you should insist on proper exercises, maintain normal weight and avoid more protein leakage.

Because kidney function is damaged, it is not suggested to do strenuous sports, but you can choose some gentle exercises, such as walking and jogging. In general, BMI in 18.5-24.9 is normal, when it is over 24.9, be alert for obesity. BMI = Weight (kg) / Height*2(m). you can check to see if you are overweight.

Adhere to the principle of "2 low" diet so as to reduce the burden of renal function

It is believed that everyone understands the principle of "2 low" diet, namely low protein diet and low salt diet. But some patients have difficulty sticking to it. Among them, low-protein diet should be more intake of food containing high-quality protein, which is easier to digest and absorb, and supplement nutrition. The main source is meat, eggs, milk and soy products. Low-salt diets are generally required to not exceed 5g per day, and adjust for other special circumstances.

Keep a good mood and avoid psychological stress

It is believed that every patient has a great psychological burden at the beginning of his/her illness. Excessive psychological pressure leads to decreased immunity, metabolic disorders, and kidney function, resulting in more severe proteinuria leakage. Therefore, you should learn to relax yourselves. Do not have too much psychological pressure, and have more communication with doctors, and family members. Kidney disease, though difficult to cure, can remain stable for a long time.

If you can insist on the above 3 points, you can maintain proteinuria for a long-term. For more information on proteinuria treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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