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What the Recommended Amount of Water Should CKD Patients Drink

What the Recommended Amount of Water Should CKD Patients Drink
Many renal patients left messages on our website and asked: How do kidney patients drink water? And how much water per day is recommended?

Today I will give you a detailed explanation on this question.

1. Why does drinking water become a problem for kidney patients?

People with kidney disease need to limit their water drinking based on the following theory:

One of the main functions of the kidney is to drain the water. If the kidney has a problem, drinking more water will increase the burden of the kidney, which will not only cause edema, but also aggravate the kidney disease. Therefore, drinking water becomes a problem.

2. Should all renal patients have a limitation on water drinking?

In fact, whether you need to limit water intake or not depends on the following three conditions.

(1) Whether there is edema or not

Patients who have massive proteinuria or present Nephrotic Syndrome, need to reduce water intake, otherwise, it will aggravate edema.

Kidney patients with few proteinuria and without edema, do not need to limit water intake.

(2) Whether urine volume is reduced or not

The normal person's urine amount is about 1000-2000ml per day. If the urine amount is lower than this level, the water should be limited. If the urine amount is normal, there is no need to limit.

(3) Whether kidney shrinks or not

The size of the kidney can be seen during a B-ultrasound scan. If the kidney atrophies, water should be restricted. If the kidney is normal, there is no need to limit it.

3. How much water can you drink with kidney disease?

If the renal drainage function is normal, you can drink 1000-2000ml of water every day, basically in line with the normal metabolic needs of the human body.

If kidney drainage function is impaired, water intake should be determined based on daily urine volume (generally 500ml + urine volume in the previous day). Also to restrict fruits and vegetables that are high in water so as to prevent swelling.

4. Does drinking too much water put extra stress on kidneys?

People with kidney disease should care about how much water they drink every day, because they worry that drinking too much water will increase the burden on their kidneys. In fact, such fears are often misplaced.

The kidneys filter an average of 200 liters of blood a day. That little bit of water that you drink every day, that's 1-2 liters, is less than 1 percent of what your kidneys do on a daily basis. Therefore, it is unnecessary to worry about it.

What is the recommended amount of water should CKD patients drink? Now you get the answer. For more information on CKD healthy living and treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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