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Does Foamy Urine Mean Your Kidneys Are Damaged

Does Foamy Urine Mean Your Kidneys Are Damaged
Foamy urine is a manifestation of proteinuria and kidney disease, so does having foam in the urine necessarily indicate kidney problems?

Of course not.

Due to too much bubbles in urine, a lot of people go for urine tests. But this does not represent bubble urine equals to proteinuria. There are various reasons for proteinuria, and proteinuria is not the only reason for foamy urine.

The foam in urine is related to the surface tension of the liquid, and the higher the tension, the more foam is formed.

If you have foam in your urine, consider the following normal conditions:

1. Urine concentration

When you drink less water, sweat too much or have diarrhea, your body lacks water. Therefore, your kidneys recycle water in your urine excessively, resulting in high concentration of protein and other components in your urine, resulting in foam.

2. Urgent urination, and high standing position

Urgent urination will be a strong impact to the toilet wall, leading to foam easily, but it also disappears easily.

In addition, when you stand high, urination can have a great impact on the liquid surface, leading to foam.

3. Urethral secretions are abundant

For example, the male urethra contains semen components, or spermatophore, urethral mucus and so on, which can increase the foam in the urine.

4. Other causes

There is some detergent in the urinal.

If the above reasons are excluded, the following exceptions should be warned:

1. Urinary tract infection

It can make the inflammatory secretion in urethra increase, and then the foam in the urine increases.

2. There's more glucose in your urine

Most commonly seen, diabetic patients have elevated blood sugar and increased urine sugar, resulting in more foam in the urine.

If you eat a lot of carbohydrates for a short period of time, or if you put a lot of glucose into your veins, you'll also get more foam in your urine.

3. Proteinuria

The characteristic of this kind of foam urine is: the foam is plentiful and persistent.

4. Other rare diseases.

Such as bladder colon fistula.

If foamy urine appears, and there are symptoms such as edema, hematuria, increased nocturnal urine, high blood pressure and elevated blood sugar, it is best to go to the department of nephrology in time.

If the urine routine, renal function and other indicators are normal, do not have the psychological burden about the foam urine.

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