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Is Urinary Protein 4+ Serious

Is Urinary Protein 4+ Serious
Urine routine test, as one of the basic physical examination items, can reflect protein and occult blood.

Patients often ask, "doctor, is my urine protein 3+ serious?" "urine protein 4+, is it bad?" "Doctor, my urine albumin is just 1+, why my swelling is so severe?"

Urine protein + and - signs, like a judge, are judging whether your condition is good or not.

However, for patients susceptible to multiple conditions, do these + and - accurately reflect the severity of proteinuria?

Not exactly.

The + and - of protein in urine routine test reflects only the approximate concentration of proteinuria at the time of our examination, and may be affected by factors such as time, water consumption and fatigue.

In patients whose routine urine results are protein 1 + and protein 4 +, the actual situation is not necessarily as indicated by the Numbers.

Therefore, the accurate method to test proteinuria at this time should not be urine routine test, but the 24h urine protein quantification. In this way, the urine protein excretion of the whole day could reflect the actual severity of urinary protein more accurately.

24h urine protein quantitative test results

Mild proteinuria: less than 1g/24h

Moderate proteinuria: 1g~3.5g/24h

Severe proteinuria: greater than 3.5g/24h

The presence of proteinuria indicates that the filtration function of the kidney has begun to decline, and timely control can prevent the protein from continuously damaging the kidney.

For ordinary people, the + and - of protein and occult blood in urine routine test can directly reflect the kidney condition. If the result shows protein occurrence, it can be checked once a week later to see if it turns negative.

In this way, kidney problems can be detected early and controlled for development.

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