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These 2 Kinds of Proteinuria Does Not Need Treatment

These 2 Kinds of Proteinuria Does Not Need Treatment
These 2 kinds of proteinuria does not need treatment. Over treatment may damage your kidneys and cause uremia.

Proteinuria is the most common indicator of chronic kidney disease, and it is also a more "troublesome" indicator, especially for patients with poor renal function. It is difficult to completely cure. And it gets relapse frequently, which speeds up kidney failure.

Therefore, for the proteinuria treatment, kidney patients always attach importance. As long as there are bubbles in urine, they take medicine immediately. But you should know that the presence of bubbles in urine are not necessarily proteinuria. If your urine is bubbly, do not be panic. First, to identify two things: one is the cause of bubbles. The other is the kidney function.

These 2 kinds of proteinuria does not need treatment.

-postural albuminuria

From its name, we can know that this kind of proteinuria is related to your posture. Usually, proteinuria is less than 1g, which will not affect the kidney. By changing the posture, postural albuminuria will turn negative. And it mainly affects the teenage population. The majority of the population will disappear with age, and only a few will continue to have it, and usually without medication.

However, note that it can only be confirmed by protein conversion after monitoring of the change of position. Although no damage will be caused, regular reexaminations must be carried out, in case that there is kidney damage and renal failure.

-proteinuria caused by drugs

When some drugs, such as rifampicin and santonin, are excreted from the urine, they can make the urine color cloudy, which is similar to proteinuria. But when urine protein is tested, it is usually negative. In such a case, it is unnecessary to be treated.

But if you have the following 2 kinds of proteinuria, you should receive treatment as early as possible in case that it sped ups kidney failure.

-glomerular proteinuria

This kind of proteinuria is the most common proteinuria of kidney disease. It is mainly caused by the damage of glomeruli and the decrease of glomeruli filtration rate. Renal function should be protected when 24-hour urinary protein quantification exceeds 3.5g.


Albumin is also a small molecule that occurs when kidney damage occurs. For Diabetic Nephropathy patients, they usually have persistent microalbuminuria in the early stage. The normal range of urinary albumin/creatinine radio is 30 ~ 300mg/g, and the normal range of 24h urinary albumin is 30 ~ 300mg/g. Once yours is beyond the normal range, you should take treatment timely.

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