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How to Make Proteinuria Turn Negative Quickly

How to Make Proteinuria Turn Negative Quickly
How to make protein turn negative quickly? These 3 methods can be tried. Cost is not high, and the effect is good!

Urinary protein is one of the most typical symptoms of kidney disease. Due to ischemia, intoxication and damage of immune cells, renal glomerular filtration barrier permeability increases so that protein leaks out and goes into urine, leading to proteinuria.

In the early stage of kidney disease, the treatment should mainly focus on eliminating the inflammatory response and making proteinuria turn negative.

The following are 3 methods for you to improve proteinuria.

1. Steroids + Immunosuppressants

At present, steroids are mainly used to treat proteinuria. When the 24-hour urinary protein is more than 1g, steroids can be used to treat it.

Steroid has very strong anti-inflammatory effect, which can make protein fast turn negative. When you taper the intake of steroids, you can take immunosuppressants at the same time, so even if steroids are stopped, the disease won’t get relapse, because you still take immunosuppressants.

This treatment is suitable for most patients, but for some renal patients, their proteinuria is not that severe, or they are not sensitive to steroids, so this set of treatment does not take effect. In such a case, you had better change it into another treatment plan.

2. Anti-hypertensive drugs + Chinese patent medicine

There is rarely a special medicine for treating kidney disease. Although it is a blood pressure medicine, it does help to treat nephropathy, such as ACEI and ARBs. They can help protect your kidney function, lower blood pressure, as well as reducing proteinuria.

At the same time, you can take Chinese patent medicine, such as jinshuibao and bailing, which can help invigorating qi and promoting blood circulation. Though they do not have the effect of directly reducing proteinuria, they are also sightly helpful to protect renal function.

However, this set of treatment is only suitable for those patients who are not in serious condition and do not have massive proteinuria. Massive proteinuria can not turn negative completely with this treatment.

3. Chinese medicine

If you are not sensitive to hormones, and the previous methods can not help make proteinuria fully turn negative, you can try Chinese medicine, such as Toxin-Removing Treatment. It can set up a good internal environment for kidney self-healing and other medication application. When kidney condition gets improved, proteinuria will be under control.

How to make proteinuria turn negative quickly? Hope the above 3 methods can help you. For more information on CKD treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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