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This Medicine Has Remarkable Effect on Reducing Proteinuria

This Medicine Has Remarkable Effect on Reducing Proteinuria
This medicine has remarkable effect on reducing proteinuria, but not a few renal patients should avoid it.

In the clinical practice of nephrology department, there is a kind of non-hormone medicine, which is applicable to a wide range and has little side effects. Besides, it is controllable and has significant clinical effects. This is the main character of today's lecture -- tripterygium wilfordii glycosides tablets (referred to as "TPT").

Tripterygium wilfordii is not a hormone, but a new immunosuppressant. After taking it, there are not the common side effects such as buffalo back, full moon face and osteoporosis, and the advantages are obvious.

TPT is widely used.

At present, tripterygium wilfordii has been widely used in the treatment of a variety of kidney diseases, such as chronic nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, lupus nephritis, IgA nephropathy, hepatitis b virus associated nephritis, diabetic nephropathy, anaphylactic purpura nephritis and other glomerular diseases.

In addition, TPT can also be used for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, contact dermatitis, Behcet disease and other autoimmune diseases.

TPT has few side effects and is controllable.

Under the guidance of doctors in regular hospitals, the side effects of TPT are controllable.

After taking tripterygium wilfordii, the patients can appear the elevation of transaminase and the reduction of blood leukocyte, so it often requires the patients that takes this medicine to examine liver function and blood routine within 10 days to 2 weeks.

When the side effect is obvious, TPT can be reduced, and then indexes will go back normal.

An unusual medicine for treating kidney disease

Tripterygium wilfordii can be used particularly for the treatment of renal urinary protein, and the effect is significant. Generally after taking tripterygium wilfordii for 2-4 weeks, the effect will be taken. 4-6 weeks’ treatment will reach the best effect.

Tripterygium wilfordii can also be combined with hormones and other immunosuppressive agents for kidney disease, such as prednisone, leflunomide, Mycophenolate Mofetil and cyclophosphamide. The effect will be better.

However, TPT is not the first choice for treating kidney disease.

It is mainly because it has adverse effects on gonads and menstruation.

The study found that women who took the drug for more than 3 to 6 months had menstrual disorders, menolipsis and other adverse reactions, but after stopping taking the drug for a period of time, period will return to normal.

Therefore, for teenagers under 18 years of age who are in developing period, it is not recommended to apply TPT. For those who are already adults, even if they can use, the duration should not exceed 6-9 months. Of course, if you have had children or do not worry about fertility problems, it is unnecessary to consider these problems.

The above information is just for reference. If you still have any other questions on kidney disease treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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