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Reach These 3 Standards, Congratulations, Your Kidney Disease Is Cured

Reach These 3 Standards, Congratulations, Your Kidney Disease Is Cured
Chronic kidney disease can be caused by various factors, such as infection, heredity, immune disorder and overnutrition.

A variety of causes lead to different treatments. Some illness suits western medicine, some suits Chinese medicine, and some must be treated with combination of Chinese and western medicine.

Complicated etiology and treatment make evaluation criteria of curative effect unclear, and kidney friends often have doubts:

What is cure for kidney disease?

Normal indicators? Stop medicine? No relapse?

None of these criteria is comprehensive or practical.

Combined with clinical and patient life, there are three criteria for "curing kidney disease" in the long term:

1. Discomforts disappear

This is often the first step in treatment. The discomforts such as dizziness and weakness, nausea and vomiting, palpitation and shortness of breath, insomnia and dreaminess, facial foot edema, back pain, frequent urination and increased nocturnal urination are eliminated so that they won’t affect the quality of life.

Getting kidney patients to eat, sleep and live well is the goal of clinical work and also the first criterion.

2. The test index is normal or close to normal

In many cases, kidney disease is asymptomatic. Even in the pathological state, patients have no discomfort, which requires a combination of test indicators to evaluate the efficacy.

In general, the standard of cure for patients in inflammatory response period is urinary routine urinary protein turn into negative(24-hour urinary protein quantification is less than 0.3 g), achieving complete remission;

In patients with chronic renal failure, serum creatinine remains stable for a long time.

Uremia patients do not have cardiovascular disease, electrolyte disorders and other complications.

It is not realistic to ask a patient with severe or complete loss of kidney function to be cured. There are corresponding indicators in each stage.

3. Both kidney patients and their doctors know the patients’ kidneys well.

Patients need to know exactly where they are getting better, be able to tell themselves how they feel about their condition, and how to maintain their effectiveness.

Many doctors do not pay attention to this point, only to see whether the indicators and symptoms fade away, which is one-sided. If you want to protect your kidneys for a long time, you must let the patients know their kidneys. Imagine if the patients do not know about their condition, and do not know how to maintain the curative effect after discharge, how to guarantee that the condition will not relapse or worsen after going home?

This standard requires not only patients but also doctors. A responsible doctor must be able to know all illness condition of patients. In the long term, whether the doctor is responsible for the patient directly affects the patient's final outcome.

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