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Want to Stabilize Renal Function for Long Term? 2 Methods Can Help You

Want to Stabilize Renal Function for Long Term? 2 Methods Can Help You
Chronic kidney disease is a "silent killer". Because it usually occurs silently, when you detect it, it has gone into advanced stage. As a result, a number of renal patients choose treatment methods hastily, mainly to control symptoms rather than restore renal function.

The treatment of kidney disease should be a comprehensive treatment with "protecting renal function as the core and treating other symptoms as the auxiliary". At present, there are mainly two methods for the treatment: the inhibition method of western medicine and the traditional treatment method of traditional Chinese medicine.

Which is more effective in protecting kidney function and treating symptoms? How should patients choose?

Western medicine is more effective in controlling symptoms and suppressing immune inflammatory reactions.

Western medicine has played a major role in the treatment of kidney disease at present, especially playing an irreplaceable role in the treatment of some symptoms that will accelerate renal function decline, including proteinuria, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, edema and other symptoms. Hormone and immunosuppressant can effectively inhibit the onset of proteinuria and renal inflammation. Reasonable nutrition antihypertensive drugs and lipid-lowering drugs can not only maintain the stability of blood pressure and blood lipids for a long time, but also some antihypertensive drugs, such as ACEI, ARBs and lipid-lowering drugs, have the effect of lowering protein and protecting the kidney. The advantage of western medicine in controlling kidney disease symptoms is obvious.

However, although western medicine has a quick effect, some disadvantages are also criticized for a long time. For example, severe side effects and adverse reactions may cause discomfort to some patients. Patients have poor treatment experience and their quality of life will decline.

Chinese medicine has more advantages on improving renal function, blood circulation and detoxification.

Traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of kidney disease, mainly includes two aspects: the recuperation of traditional Chinese medicine and the repair of characteristic therapy. Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to syndrome differentiation and treatment, and those with edema are treated with diuresis Chinese medicine, those with pain are treated with analgesic Chinese medicine, those with hematuria are treated with hemostasis Chinese medicine, and some Chinese medicines, such as rhubarb, astragalus and salvia miltiorrhiza are also effective for certain symptoms such as proteinuria and edema.

Some traditional treatments, such as acupuncture, moxibustion, medicine bath and foot bath, can promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, relieve the symptoms of renal ischemia and hypoxia, accelerate blood flow, enhance the metabolism of toxins, create a good environment for kidney repair, and delay and control the hardening process of the glomeruli.

At the same time, traditional Chinese medicine also improves immunity and helps to adjust the imbalance of water, electrolyte and acid and alkali caused by the kidney. In addition, traditional Chinese medicine is mild with little side effects, and it is also beneficial to alleviate the side effects caused by hormones and western drugs.

But compared with western medicine, Chinese medicine requires patients to be more patient with long treatment process and slow effect.

Some patients exaggerate the side effects of traditional Chinese medicine and resist it from the heart, which is a big mistake. Both Chinese and western medicines have side effects. As long as they are properly used, taking medicine according to the doctor's advice will not cause damage to the kidney.

It can be seen that the combination of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine in the treatment of kidney disease is the best treatment method, giving full play to the strengths of all families and complementing each other, and it is more conducive to protecting renal function, maintaining long-term stability of renal function and reducing recurrence.

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