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ACEI and ARBs Are Good for Reducing Proteinuria, but They May Cause Kidney Damage

ACEI and ARBs Are Good for Reducing Proteinuria, but They May Cause Kidney Damage

The common clinical features of chronic kidney disease (CKD) are proteinuria and hypertension. If these two factors are not well controlled, they will accelerate the development of kidney disease. In severe cause, they can cause renal failure and uremia. ACEI and ARBs can not only lower blood pressure, but also reduce proteinuria as well as protecting renal function. Therefore, whether CKD patients have hypertension or not, doctor generally recommend the use of these two drugs.

So how do you take medication to make sure that you don't damage your kidney while lowering the protein in urine?

In the past, ACEI and ARBs have been regarded medically as a class of drugs that are beneficial to kidney protection beyond the effect of hypotension, and that combined use is more effective in the treatment of kidney disease. But the ONTARGET study found that the combination of ACEI and ARBs promoted a decrease in the glomerular filtration rate, which can affect kidney function and aggravate kidney damage. Therefore, it is not recommended for kidney patients to take combined drugs.

In addition, ACEI and ARBs may raise serum creatinine. The reason for the rise in creatinine is that these drugs affect the hemodynamics of the kidneys, not because of the deterioration of kidney function. As long as the range of creatinine increases is between 20% and 30%, they can be continued. Although creatinine is not a contraindication of this drug, changes in serum creatinine should be observed after administration.

And they belong to renin angiotensin system inhibitors, and their side effects include angioneurotic edema and increased serum potassium. Once those side effects occur, they also need to be stopped.

Apart from the combination of drugs, serum creatinine increased by more than 30%, hyperkalemia, vasoneurotic edema and other conditions, ACEI and ARBs have good organ protection effects on heart, brain and kidney. If you have persistent urinary protein, these two types of drugs can help lower blood pressure, decrease proteinuria and protect the kidneys, thereby they are wise choices to avoid further kidney damage. For more information on CKD treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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