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Kidney Disease – The Significance of Proteinuria

Kidney Disease – The Significance of Proteinuria
Urine is the password of our health. By testing urine, many diseases can be detected early. Today we are going to talk about one of the most important data in kidney disease detection: Urine Protein.

If there is one (+) or more in urine, it indicates that there is protein loss from your body. you should attach importance. As we all know, protein is an important component of body structure, and it is also an important material for gene replication and enzymes. If protein goes out, it can make your physiological function become stagnated or weakened.

In human life, a part of protein is filtered into urine by glomeruli, but reabsorbed into the bloodstream by renal tubular. If your kidney function is normal, there is no or only trace of protein in urine. For human body, protein is nutrient, which can not be filtered into urine easily by kidneys. But when kidneys are damaged, massive protein will go into urine, leading to proteinuria. therefore, once protein is detected in urine, it is often kidney disease. Do not ignore it.

Symptoms caused by abnormal urine protein

1. With slight proteinuria, you may not have any clinical manifestations. But if it keeps worsening, massive proteinuria will pear, and then you will have swelling. Swelling is the initial symptom of kidney disease. About 70% -90% of patients have such a symptom. For some patients, they have facial swelling, especially eyelid swelling. Some may have limb swelling. In severe case, whole body swelling will present.

2. Bubbles appear in urine. For normal people, there are bubbles in urine as well. But bubbles caused by proteinuria are usually small and not disappear easily. If you have frequent urination accompanied with this symptom, please go for checkups regularly.

Nowadays, people’s living standard becomes higher and higher, but due to work intensity, improper diet and other bad living habit, the incidence of kidney disease increases gradually. If you have any kidney disease problems, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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