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Can I Drink Apple Wine in Chronic Kidney Disease Stage Four

Can I Drink Apple Wine in Chronic Kidney Disease Stage Four
Question: Can I drink apple wine in chronic kidney disease stage 4?

Answer: Yes, you can. With the Halloween around the corner, there will be more and more people asking about what they can eat if they are kidney disease or diabetes patient. It is okay for you to intake some apple wine, and red wine is okay, but do not over drink. Before drinking, some staple food is suggested to protect your stomach. Candy is okay as if you control total calorie intake.

Question: How much Beef and Mutton is suggested for kidney disease patient?

Answer: It all depends. For all people, about 100-200g meat is suggested. If you are in kidney disease early stage, such as stage one to three, and if you do not suffer from severe protein in urine, there is no need for you to keep a strict limitation of meat intake. If you are in severe kidney disease, such as kidney failure stage, or even in uremia stage, meat intake should follow your professional doctor’s direction. Because in this stage, different patient has different condition.

Question: What exercise is good for kidney patient?

Answer: if possible, I mean, if your physical condition is allowed, you can keep some mid-type exercise to strengthen your physical condition and prevent cold to worse your disease. Whereas, walking for about 20 – 40 minutes per day, jogging to you feel slight tired, swimming, bad minton, Taichi Kongfu are also good for you.

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