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Fatigue? Maybe you are close to uremia

Fatigue? Maybe you are close to uremia

Are you often staying up late? You have done so many times to vow that sleep early tomorrow, but, tomorrow never comes. If you are in this type, watch out, your physical condition may not as well as you imagine. And if you often feel fatigue, I think you have to go for a physical examination.

What? Fatigue is related to uremia? What kind of fatigue is related to uremia?

If you sleep and clock can not weak you up; lack of energy in working and feel sleepy; losing attention and hardly keep clam; hypomnesis and forgetfulness; unwilling to talk in office; easy to be tired in climbing stairs; prefer lie down when back home;

If you suffer from more than five of these, you are in deep fatigue and you need rest.

How can fatigue become uremia?

No disease starts with serious condition. Diseases often develop from slight to severe, and this explains why fatigue can develop into uremia. Here are some stages before getting into uremia.

Stage one, slight fatigue. When kidney function decreases, it can not eliminate toxins as effective as before. Toxins will lead to your fatigue and lack of energy. Some patients’ fatigue is caused by other elements but, some are kidney disease.

Stage two, serum creatinine level increased. Creatinine level increasing means kidney function gets damaged. And when toxins, creatinine level build up in body, it will result in blood in urine, blood urea increasing and etc.

Stage three, anemia. When kidney function got damaged, severe damage, it will lead to hyposcriention of erythropoietin and lead to anemia.

Anemia is a severe condition, is also a sign of kidney failure. Severe kidney failure is closely related to kidney disease.

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