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Chronic Nephritis

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Half Of Uremia Is Caused By Chronic Nephritis, What Should We Do?

Half Of Uremia Is Caused By Chronic Nephritis, What Should We Do?

According to the research, there are about a half of uremia is caused by chronic nephritis. What should we do? Why these happen and what are the causes?

It is due to publics’ attitude toward aliment in daily life. Normally, when we suffer from aliment, we will not go to hospital, instead, we just go to community health center to buy some medicine and wait it turns better. Or, sometimes, when patients catch cold, they won’t eat medicine, and just drink water, keep warm, wait about a week, it will self recover. But, some disease are latent, you feel nothing in normal life, only when it collapse, you will have symptoms and complications. Take chronic nephritis for example, you can feel nothing only when it develops into stage three or four.

There are three signs that worth your attention:

One, edema.

Once you have edema, especially in face and eyelid, you have to pay attention to it. It may not physical edema, but related to other chronic diseases. If your edema last more than three days, you have to go to hospital, not community health center, to do physical examination to find causes and make a treatment plan.

Two, back pain.

Here back means kidney zone. If you suffer form back pain, which feel like punching, it may be a early sign of kidney disease. This kind of back pain will not last long, so, when it occur, pay attention to it.

Three, urine abnormal.

Be careful about your urine condition can increase the possibility of diagnose chronic kidney disease in early stage. Protein in urine may hardly to be realized, but blood in urine will lead urine color change. When your urine turns red, brown or even dark, go to hospital and make further diagnosis.

In treating chronic kidney disease, here we can introduce you a natural treatment, Toxin-Removing Therapy in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This treatment can help you repair kidney tissue, improve kidney function, cure edema, protein in urine, blood in urine, as well as reduce high creatinine level.

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